Guided Selling

Vodafone often encountered customers that had a general idea of what they might want when they came to their site, but often needed help finding a product that met their particular needs. Guided Selling  is a questionnaire that helps target their needs to offer them recommendations. 

It was first launched in the UK market with success, and other Vodafone markets wanted to bring their customers that same help. With that, the Guided Selling team not only created a template product that could be released in multiple markets, but an Admin Portal app to create and control different questionnaires, as well as metrics tools to better equip their decisions.

As Vodafone’s different markets are very diverse, the experience was designed in a way that each aspect and each page were viewed as components that could be added or subtracted, depending on each product or market needs. 

Due to this, a lot of attention was given to how each page and each task was divided into user flows, so no matter how much or how little needed to go into each flow, it still felt seamless to the user.

Lo-Fidelity Wireframes

Mid-Fidelity Wireframes

Hi-Fidelity UI/Visual Designs

With use of Vodafone’s design system, Source, it afforded us the opportunity to keep momentum at a fast pace during the ideation phase. Mid-fi and even Hi-fi UI designs could be fully created just as fast as lo-fi designs, allowing us to quickly change and redesign things without losing any energy behind the original ideas. 
 This became key after rounds of user testing, when we were able to implement 87% of the key findings within 2 sprints. This allowed them to double conversions within a quarter, with optimism that it will go up even further moving on.

Since Guided Selling came first as a tool, in order to move forward, we needed to dissect all of types of questions that had been asked, as long as understand all of the types of questions that could be asked. We used those already created flows to create templates, and those became the building blocks of a question creator in Admin Portal. 

With those building blocks, we could add all sorts of things including images and more complicated UI could be added to the user’s experience to enhance the questionnaire to make it easier.