Device Lifecycle Management

When I first joined this team at Vodafone, it made me realise the sheer size of the company. That size affords them unique partnerships and opportunities. DLM boasts partnerships with other companies looking to distribute and track Vodafone devices to their employees, throughout their relationship with that company.

Since this unique service solution is very technical, so also are the minds behind DLM. This lead to brilliant but complicated structures that left them with challenges on how to present this to their clients. My main mission was aligning them with the already existing Vodafone design system, Source. It began as a visual UI challenge only, until I convinced them that not also aligning this with the Vodafone UX workflows would create more challenge than value.

With this, I built them prototypes, and convinced them the only way to truly know how to engage your users is to test it with the users. We started with simple guerrilla testing, engaging whoever we could, with plans to test their actual clients.

What started out as a simple UI design task ended up being a teaching moment of what the value of UX design is, and how they could get there without changing their budget they had set. With numbers set into user testing, I showed them they actually could provide insight on the ROI of improving their interface, which they never expected.