Acting Coach
Acting Rehearsal Tool

When Acting Coach brought their app to me, they had an almost finished app designed by another designer, but they weren’t happy with it. They were very concerned with budget, and wanted to keep as much of the former design they could, for progress sake. I introduced them to a new process, which started from their own app goals, to revealing user goals through interviews, which revealed a story map that unveiled our true process. They were quickly confident in this way, and didn’t want to go back to anything they had before. The users we tested agreed, substantially.

Acting Coach can be divided into three major user journeys, and the users for each journey are very different, with very different needs. Thus, we did 3 layers of user interviews, 3 different lean protoyptes, and three rounds of user testing. Due to this, upon release, we had a high level of confidence in user acceptance, and had a good idea of where the product needed to expand beyond the MVP.

Though the app was the sole product in the plans of this new start up, establishing a brand presence was key for them. So as we created the product, I simultaneously created a brand guide to help communicate guidelines to the brand od their new product. This included a logo, which they started using far before the initial release of the MVP.